We offer our clients...

Robocall Services

• Public Opinion Polls/Political Polls
• Automated Voter ID polls
• GOTV - Get Out the Vote
• Advocacy and Persuasion calls
• Early voting - Vote by mail reminders
• Absentee Ballot Notification
• Press 1 - Call Transfers
• Event Notification
• Endorsement Notification

Live Operator Call Services:

• GOTV, advocacy, single message delivery
• Surveys, polling, issue research, message testing
• Voter ID, voter preference, voter persuasion calls
• Fundraising and Grassroots lead generation
• Patch-through service to direct caller to officials or candidates
• Call Monitoring available
• Caller ID programming available
• Hispanic and Asian Languages available

TeleForum (Telephone Town Hall) services

TeleForums allow for live and direct interaction with literally thousands of people. You receive instant feedback via the private screening of questions, real-time polling and real-time participant data reporting.

• Legislators use this service as it is an excellent way to communicate with thousands of constituents and qualifies for "franking" privileges.

• Both state and federal government agencies use this service to directly communicate with the people they serve and to provide better customer service.

• Member and service organizations use this service as a way to communicate and mobilize their members in an intimate, yet large scale way.

How Does TeleForum Work? Our software sends customized phone messages to your target audience, allowing thousands of people to join your live conference. A typical TeleForum flow:

• Specific, personal invitations are sent to thousands instantly

• With the touch of a button, participants join the live call

• Participant questions are screened for live Q & A

• Hosts are able to conduct real-time polling

• Conference activity is viewed and controlled via web interface

Here are just a few advantages of TeleForum features:

• Private Screening: our TeleForums give you the ability to screen a participant¹s question before they are live with the host, ensuring that all questions have been validated.

• Live Polling: Create unique polls and surveys during your call in order to ask participants what is most important to them. Our interface will instantly show you the participant responses to your questions.

• Integrated Chat: Hosts, staff members and facilitators can communicate with each other, regardless of location, via the Town Hall chat room.

• Provide helpful feedback and stay updated throughout the TeleForum.

• Real-time Reporting: All conference dialog is digitally recorded and saved to your account. Participant data including contact information, conference duration, and polling responses is instantly available for viewing and download.